Being jealous incredibly sucks.

She sends him a message – something trivial, nothing out of ordinary, nothing I should be worried about – and it pisses me off. The thing is I cannot say a word about it, ‘cuz she’s just his FRIEND and therefore someone I MUST respect. I hate am not very fond of that.

‘Problem IS that I have a lot of “guy friends”, so I actually know that a man and a woman can be friends. Worse than that: I feel guilty for being so jealous of him. He’s such a good boyfriend – he’s sweet, treates me veeery well, introduces me to all his friends with a big, goofy smile on his face. So why, oh why, do I feel jealous?

She’s pretty. And they made out when he was still single. That bothers me – weren’t they supposed to be “just friends”?

His words: “We made out ‘for the sake of making out'”. They were just messing around, he said.

It’s okay, I was dating another guy at the time and all, but..

Duuuude, come on!


That REALLY pisses me off.

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Cooking neighbours and new roommate

Almost midnight and my neighbours are cooking something that smells delicious.
Pure torture. I’m starting to get hungry because of it, and I can’t make too much noise ‘cuz my new roommate is already asleep. Plus, her mom is here too, so, yeah.

Having a roommate is something entirely new for me. This is our first day together, too – dude, this sounds just like we’re dating. Yuk -, so it’s hard to say what it feels like. So far, so good.

What I’m actually worried about are the what ifs: what if her friends from college (we go to different ones) suck? What if she doesn’t like my friends? What if she’s upset about my boyfriend spending the night (we have separate rooms. She’s actually my flatmate)?

She’s a sweetie, but.. Well. I guess I’m anxious. A good kind of anxious.

A hopeful kind of anxious.

…. and I hope we get along just fine 🙂




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Dude, come on!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while, and after  watching a Justin Bieber.. thingy on Mtv for about three minutes, I decided to do it.
This sort of phenomenon scares me. He’s just a kid! All these screaming and crying fans.. He even has a biography! I mean, dude, come on!


The purpose of this is to write down anything and everything that I find remotely interesting, curious, revolting.. Anything about nothing at all 🙂


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