Cooking neighbours and new roommate

Almost midnight and my neighbours are cooking something that smells delicious.
Pure torture. I’m starting to get hungry because of it, and I can’t make too much noise ‘cuz my new roommate is already asleep. Plus, her mom is here too, so, yeah.

Having a roommate is something entirely new for me. This is our first day together, too – dude, this sounds just like we’re dating. Yuk -, so it’s hard to say what it feels like. So far, so good.

What I’m actually worried about are the what ifs: what if her friends from college (we go to different ones) suck? What if she doesn’t like my friends? What if she’s upset about my boyfriend spending the night (we have separate rooms. She’s actually my flatmate)?

She’s a sweetie, but.. Well. I guess I’m anxious. A good kind of anxious.

A hopeful kind of anxious.

…. and I hope we get along just fine 🙂





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Music fanatic, literature lover, chocolate addict
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